Trial Attorney:

I am Tyler criminal defense lawyer Carlo D’Angelo and I’ve been representing client’s in State and Federal courts throughout Florida and Texas since 1997. Over the course of my career, I have handled 1000’s of criminal cases and my long list of jury verdicts range from murder to DWI and everything in between. If you have been indicted, or are facing a state or federal grand jury investigation, call me. (903) 595-6776

Appellate Attorney:
I am also a seasoned appeal attorney and have filed dozens of briefs throughout Texas state and federal courts as well as the Supreme Court of the United States. If you want to appeal your trial, guilty plea or sentencing, call me. (903) 595-6776

Post Conviction Attorney:
My years of trial and appellate experience are a key asset for clients interested in overturning their convictions. If you’ve already appealed your case, and would like to pursue a post-conviction writ of habeas corpus, call me. (903) 595-6776

Former Professor of Law:

Back when I practiced criminal law in Miami, Florida, I had the honor of serving on the law faculty at St. Thomas University School. While on the full-time faculty at St. Thomas, I taught legal research and advanced legal research and writing.