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The United States Department of Justice (“DOJ”) recently launched a program to implement President Joe Biden’s Federal Cannabis Conviction Pardon Presidential Proclamation allowing recipients of the October 6, 2022, presidential pardon for simple possession of marijuana to obtain a pardon certificate.This blog post will outline the eligibility criteria for obtaining a pardon certificate and provide guidance on how a lawyer can assist clients throughout the process. DAngeloLegal Blog 

Eligibility Criteria:

According to the Pardon Attorney, an applicant must meet the following criteria to be eligible for a pardon certificate:

  1. Have been charged or convicted of simple possession of marijuana in either a federal court or D.C. Superior Court.

  2. Have been lawfully within the United States at the time of the offense.

  3. Have been a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident on October 6, 2022.

Required Information for the Online Form:

To obtain a pardon certificate, applicants must provide the following information on the online form:

  1. Personal information, including name, date of birth, and place of birth.

  2. Contact information: email address is strongly preferred, but an applicant can also include a mailing address and/or phone number. If the applicant does not have their own email, mailing address or phone number, they can include the contact information of a person who is helping them complete the application.

  3. Information regarding the applicant’s citizenship or immigration status, including alien registration or citizenship number of a person who is a lawful permanent resident or naturalized citizen and the date those statuses were attained.

  4. Court documents that include the district of conviction, code section of the conviction, date of conviction, and docket number, if convicted; or

  5. Court documents that include the code section of the charge, district where charged, and docket number, if charged but not convicted.

How can a Experienced Federal Criminal Pardon Lawyer Assist?

A an experienced Federal Criminal Pardon Lawyer can play a crucial role in helping clients navigate the pardon certificate process by:

  1. Determining eligibility: A lawyer can help clients review their case history and determine if they meet the criteria for a pardon certificate.

  2. Gathering necessary documentation: A lawyer can help clients obtain the required court documents and other relevant information for the online form.

  3. Completing the online form clients: A lawyer can provide guidance in accurately completing the online form with the necessary information and ensure all required fields are filled out.

  4. Monitoring the application status: A lawyer can help clients track the progress of their pardon certificate application and address any potential issues that may arise during the process.

  5. Advising on additional legal matters: In the event that the pardon certificate affects other legal matters, such as employment or immigration status, a lawyer can provide guidance and support.

The new Federal Cannabis Conviction Pardon Program presents a significant opportunity for those with qualifying convictions to clear their records. An experienced Federal Criminal Defense Attorney can play a pivotal role in helping clients navigate this process by determining eligibility, gathering necessary documentation, and providing ongoing support. 

Federal Criminal Defense Attorney Carlo D’Angelo 

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