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You’re probably going to know well ahead of time if you are the target of a white collar federal criminal 

investigation. That’s because white collar crimes typically involve complex schemes and require a very paper intensive investigation by federal agents.

  A big tip that a white collar criminal investigation is looming on the horizon is if you get served with a grand jury subpoena asking you to hand over your business records. The other way you might get tipped off is if you get a target letter informing you that you’re the target of a federal criminal investigation. There’s no time to delay at this point. You’ve got to hire a qualified and experienced federal criminal defense attorney.

How you initially respond to a federal grand jury subpoena or target letter sets the tone for how your case will go forward. You’re going to need answers at this point and those answers need to come from a lawyer who deals with this stuff day in and day out.  This is not a case for a state criminal defense practitioner. You’ve got to go out and retain a lawyer who knows how the federal system works. A lawyer who has been down this road before. This is not the time or place for your lawyer to learn as he or she goes along. If you don’t hire me, then please be sure you hire someone who knows their way around the federal rules of criminal procedure and the United States Sentencing Guidelines.

White collar crimes most often involve some sort of fraud. Here’s a run down of the sorts of crimes you could be charged with under the umbrella of white collar crime.

Medicare Fraud

Medicare provides millions of Americans with healthcare services. In the United States, Medicare is based on an honor system of billing, which leaves it particularly vulnerable to fraud. A common example would be a healthcare provider billing Medicare for services they never performed on a patient, or services which were not medically necessary. Regardless of the billing scheme, all Medicare fraud has the goal of collecting illegitimate money from the Medicare program.

Securities Fraud

Securities fraud refers to an extremely broad range of fraud that involves illegally taking advantage of stock and commodities markets, or unwitting investors. This could include “pump and dump” schemes, where the price of a stock is artificially inflated by unscrupulous “brokers,” who then sell their shares after the unwitting investors have purchased theirs, or insider trading, where a corporate officer with confidential knowledge of something which will cause the stock price to rise buys shares before the information becomes public. Securities fraud accounts for billions of dollars worth of fraud in the US every year.

Tax Fraud

If you falsify your tax returns in order to pay less in taxes, you’ve committed tax fraud. This is one of the most common forms of fraud. Whether the perpetrator lies, misrepresents, or simply does not file taxes, he or she is committing fraud.

Mail and Wire Fraud

This classification refers more to the manner in which the fraud was actually committed than the fraudulent act itself. What it means is, if you attempt to defraud someone and as part of the scheme something is mailed, or wired through a fax machine or the internet, it is a mail or wire fraud. For example, if you used e-mail to send a fraudulent contract in furtherance of a fraudulent scheme, you could be charged with wire fraud.

Mortgage Fraud

Mortgage fraud is on the rise, and can take several forms. The most common involves the act of lying or misrepresenting your income or assets to a mortgage lender in order to receive a loan. Think you can bend the truth a bit to get a higher loan to buy your dream home? Your new home could end up being a federal prison!

This is by no means an exhaustive list of possible types of fraud. In general, to avoid fraud charges, do your best to be honest and never purposefully trick or deceive for your own personal gain. However, if you do find yourself facing fraud charges or any other white-collar criminal charges, call me to discuss your options.

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