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Federal & White Collar Crimes

Tyler White Collar Attorney Carlo DAngelo

Tyler Federal Criminal Defense

Tyler Federal Attorney Carlo D’Angelo is a Premier Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer Defending Individuals and Corporations Charged with Serious Federal and White Collar Crimes in Federal Court Throughout Texas and Across the United States. If you are the subject of a federal grand jury investigation, call Tyler Fedaral Lawyer Carlo D'Angelo to discuss your exposure to a possible federal crime.

Many federal crimes are prosecuted under the legal theory of conspiracy. To establish a conspiracy violation under 18 United States Code § 371 the Government has to prove beyond a reasonable doubt: “(1) an agreement between two or more people, (2) to commit a crime against the United States, and (3) an overt act by one of the conspirators to further the objectives of the conspiracy.”

Grand Jury Proceedings

Too often, people summoned before a federal grand jury do not obtain a lawyer. Having not been arrested, they want to spare the expense of an attorney. Then, unprepared for the grand jury investigation, they are indicted, and must spend twice as much to stay out of jail. If you are the subject of a Grand Jury Investigation or have received a Grand Jury Subpoena, Call Tyler Federal Attorney Carlo DAngelo to discuss your rights.

Federal Drug Crimes

Federal drug laws specify minimum and maximum terms of imprisonment, based on the type and quantity of drug involved. Likewise, under the Federal Sentencing Guidelines, these factors are taken into account, along with:

  • Whether the offense involved injury to another person
  • Whether a weapon was possessed or used
  • The defendant's criminal history

Colombian Drug Trafficking

Federal prosecution of drug offenses also includes internatinal narco-trafficking crimes originating overseas.

While judges have discretion to depart from sentencing guidelines, they must still stay within the mandatory minimum and maximum terms specified by statute. Where the offense occurs in a school or other protected zone, penalties may be enhanced.

If you believe you are the target of a federal investigation, call Federal Drug Crimes Attorney Carlo DAngelo immediately to discuss your case.
  • Wire Fraud and Mail Fraud

  • Mail fraud involves use of the U.S. Postal Service, or private carriers, in the commission of a scheme to defraud someone of money or property. Wire fraud involves use of the phone, e-mail, Internet, fax or other form of electronic communication in order to accomplish such a fraudulent scheme. Fraudulent schemes can range from Ponzi schemes to tax evasion to Internet fraud.

  • Bank Fraud

  • One of the most common kinds of financial institution fraud involves loan or mortgage application fraud. During the last decade, many bank and mortgage company officials orally encouraged individuals and businesses to misrepresent their income and other factors on mortgage applications. When these borrowers don't make their payments, the banks review the applications, looking for misstatements of income or other misrepresentations of fact. If the banks find anything, they will often turn the case over to a federal agency for prosecution.

  • Money Laundering

  • Money laundering is the taking money which was obtained through illegal activity (such as through drug trafficking, or other illegal trades) and through a series of financial transactions a person seeks to conceal the source, identity or destination of the money. Money laundering is a complex series of financial transactions and an often time-consuming process which leaves a lengthy and difficult paper trail.

  • Mortgage Fraud

  • Mortgage fraud involves the lending industry, home loans and loans for all types of real estate. Buyers, sellers, lenders, investors and brokers may all be at risk of facing mortgage fraud charges some point, particularly in today's struggling housing market. Law enforcementhe are cracking down hard upon those suspected of mortgage fraud.